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October 2020 Minutes

October 21, 2020
SCS School Council Meeting

In Attendance:
Trina Boymook, Alissa Ottahal, Wes Merta, Jon Elzinga, Matt Matheson,
Devon Marshall, Krista Scott, Jeremy Teeuwsen, Ailen Bozic, Angie Fehr,
Shawn Loewen, Nate Peters

-Aileen called meeting to order at 7:05PM
-Still looking for someone to fill the Secretary role.
-Devon Marshall volunteered to take minutes for tonight.
-Krista Scott made an addition to the agenda:
-Present the Annual School Council Report that is submitted to the District
under Old Business
-Aileen Bozic make an addition to the agenda:
Switch signing authority
-Update the school website for School Council from Aaron Box to Aileen
-Motion forward to approve minutes from last meeting:
Krista Scott motioned
Nate Peters Seconded

Trustee Trina Boymook’s Report
Trustee Report
-EIPS has just started receiving the ini8al French Immersion resources for out of school
learnings from Edmonton Public. We currently having staff go through the materials.
They do need some work before we can make them available to students.
-The Board will be establishing a Division Junior High Honours Alterna8ve Program for
Grades 8 and 9 for the 2021/22 school year. A survey went out to parents of students in
grades 5-9 on October 13. The Board will have its first look at the survey results at their
October 29 Caucus mee8ng.
-The Board completed a Value Scope Session on September 21 and 23. The session was
to look at how to best address Sherwood Heights facility concerns and other facili8es on
the Board’s capital plan the session involved.
- Sherwood Heights Junior High
- Pine Street Elementary
- Ecole Campbelltown
- Salisbury Composite High
- Cloverbar Junior High

-The Board will have its first look at the report on October 29. Once we review the report
the Board will determine whether further consulta8on is required before it makes its
-The Board will be holding school results review in November. Sherwood Heights is
scheduled for November 19 at 9-11:30am. Due to limitations on gathering, Zoom will be

Q: Any update on the new Alberta curriculum?
A: Minister Adrianna LaGrange sent an email to School Boards in response
to the leaked content of the AB Curriculum
-A draft will be released to the public in the New Year for K-4
-Revisions to include teaching the full history of Canada; building blocks for
kids to think critically for themselves, etc
-Diploma Exams: Minister did not notify the School Boards prior to her
announcement on a talk show that Diploma Exams are now optional
COSC Report
-Shared by Devon Marshall
-36 people in attendance on Oct. 7th virtually
-Elected Lesley Bowman from Pine St as Chair & Devon Marshall from
SCA as Vice Chair
-$6.1 million dollars from Federal Government to EIPS, $4.1 million of that
is saved for sub costs this year and rest to help with sanitization, PPE,
classroom configuration etc.

-Superintendent Liguori shared on the re-entry plan:
-We are currently in Scenario 1
-Student mental health is important therefore the goal is to keep
schools open as long as possible
-EIPS implemented an impressive sanitization protocols
-Plans are changing daily/weekly therefore communication is very
important and they’re always refining the plan
-Schools close at 5:30PM for cleaning and sanitizing procedures,
hence no evening rentals/usage yet
-They’re trying to keep things running smoothly and not jeopardize
-In the event of a positive COVID case, EIPS has to wait until AHS
okays communication to go out (hence the email at 1:08AM), there is
a plan in place to work with the Admin for students that show up to
school when classes aren’t offered

-PAT’s & Diplomas, EP wants to cancel….will be hard to write them with all
the interruptions, optional for out of school learners
-EIPS has 1800 students online learning (11% of District, High Schools are
at 7.5% online)
-EIPS online teachers and team are currently receiving 80-100 emails a day
from parents
-Brightspace being utilized

-ASCA’s RGM (Regular General Meeting) was held on Oct. 17th. 9 hour
virtual meeting where all resolutions were passed except one that was tabled

Admin Report
Presented by Mr. Elzinga
1. Additional Federal Education Allocation (Federal money to AB to EIPS to
-Increased their EA time
-Due to families choosing a home school option, SCS went down
$86,000 in their budget and received $79,000 from EIPS out of the federal
money and carried over 1% surplus ($38,000)
2. School Education Plan
-Results review on Nov. 24 at 9:00-11:30AM
-Strong results review report card
Q: Where does that data come from?
A: Accountability Pillar Survey that goes out to Parents and students every

-Three Main Goals:
Presented by Mr. Matheson:
1. More students achieve a minimum of one years growth in literacy and
-Use the STAR to measure growth in literacy; average growth was
0.98, over 10 months of school, students achieved almost 1 year of
-382 students achieved 72% at or above the benchmark
-83 students, 16% are on “watch”, slightly below the benchmark
-46 students, 8% are at intervention level
-20 students, 4% are in urgent intervention, they require intervention
or they will not succeed
-Resources are low, would love to help all students, but will focus on
those students that need it the most. Providing EA time for those
students that accept the help
-High School students are in quarters so not all are in English right
now so they are offering a Support Study time with Mrs. Christianson
-Students on “watch”: can often get missed, so they communicated to
staff the students that are on watch so they don’t get lost in the shuffle
-STAR is given through out the year, the more times you give it the
more accurate the results. Hope to give it a few more times this year
-LLI (Level Literacy Intervention), bought kits and will use data to
see which students will benefit the most from it, focus on visual

Use the MIPI to get a benchmark for students, only have partial
results as only some students aren’t in Math this quarter
170 students in Gr 7-10 have taken it so far
MIPI is only given once a year in September to students in grades
Results are down 8-10% from this quarter (September 2020) from
September 2019-2020
-A little bit concerning, some students didn’t seem to take it seriously
-All junior high that scored low have EA support, 44% students got
over 70%; those that were in 50-70% are in the “watch” area and have
been communicated to the staff, could be due to taking time off with
COVID, etc, typically average 90% of students meet or above
standard (30-40% usually hit above standard)
-Purchased Math Equals kit to help students really struggling with
-For those above grade level, want to challenge them, and offering
honors math in high school
Q: When was the STAR administered last year?
A: STAR administered in September 2019 and February 2020 and
missed the last one due to COVID
Q: Is there a way I as a parent can get my child’s results so I can see if
there was a drop from last year?
A: Yes, reach out to your child’s teacher or Mr. Matheson for the
individual results
Q: Have all kids written STAR now?
A: Working on ensuring all students in school have/are writing the test
(harder this year with kids in and out of school). MIPI is only written
once, but because of quarters, students will be writing it in the quarter
that they have math
Q: For students that are in the 50-70% that have missed math since
COVID and won’t take it until January, are you expecting an
A: Some students have not been in a math class in front of a teacher
since March. Hard part of online teaching is a teacher can’t manage
the class like they can in person. Some students may have not taken
the lessons as seriously during COVID. Expecting some rust when
the MIPI is taken. Confident that teachers will take notice and help
catch those students up. With the money that came in from the
government, have been able to give them support with EA’s

Presented by Mr. Merta
2. Show love and create a welcome and caring environment
-Students last year went to food bank 8 different times, raised $1200
for apparel donated to shelter, Linking generations for 18 visits to
build relationships with the elderly, Sleep in heavenly peace built beds
-9% jump in safe and caring area according to Accountability Pillar
*Biggest jump
-6% jump in active citizenship area according to Accountability Pillar
-During COVID: getting creative for example: students involved in
creating gift bags for inmates in the Remand Centre; and an
opportunity with Shelter Canada
3. Increase student engagement through diverse program options
The past few years, Gr 7 parents expressed they wanted to see more
option choices, added Construction and Foods as an option
-Use re-write for Google as a tool; gives students a chance to use
Google to read a text to them and can use the computer to dictate
-Revamped our scope and sequence with our Bible program
-Teachers getting in service now with implementation part this year
-School counselor offers test anxiety classes
-Trying to get exams more digitally recorded, put classified time to
EAs to record exams for core subjects
-Learning strategies with Mrs. Christiansen is successful
-Switching to online learning was hard but overall a success in the
-Number of students doing online this year with a partnership through
Sherwood Park outreach and next step
-AB Distance Learning (ADLC) offering Bible for online students
along with French and Calm
-Partnering with Facey for students to take Math -3 courses,
Cosmetology that we can’t offer our students
-Expanded our study hall
-Implementation of Brightspace
Q: Where does the funding come from to fund ADLC for Bible classes?
A: This opportunity won’t exist for much longer; but there is no fee for
Q: Partnership with Facey with options…is this the first year you’ve done
this and how are you pushing it to parents?
A: Pilot this year, an agreement between principals and trying it out this
year. You have to realize that they (Facey/Sal) don’t get funding for our
students and the decision was based out of a need, so we aren’t advertising it
Q: How does cohorting work?
A: The student adds a cohort

Presented by Mr. Elzinga
-Transition from out of school to online
-Nov. 16 is first transition point for students to switch between in school and
on line learning
-Students switching from out to in need to fill out form on parent portal by
Oct. 23 and contact the principals to let them know if intending to switch as
-Diplomas have been made optional for students to write. They are not
-Encourage your child to talk with their teacher if they desire to write it and
we will accommodate it, took some polls and looks like most won’t write
them this quarter, but some universities are recommending to take them
-Gr 10-11 exams: an announcement to come by the end of this week
Q: Will students have to be in school if they don’t write the diploma?
A: That will be included in the announcement at the end of this week

Society Report
Presented by Jeremy Teeuwsen
1. PropCo meet on capital projects
o PropCo approved in principle a number of capital projects
related to the school.
o November PropCo meeting will finalize timing and address any
COVID concerns.
o Formal details on the plan will be sent out following the
November meeting.
2. SCAS October 26th next meeting, Chairs from the school councils are
3. Five areas of focus for the Society this year:
• Finance subcommittee: including next steps with fees
• Communications:
o Engagement of parent councils (standing update for school
council meetings)
o Regular communications to parents and other stakeholders
• Succession planning for principals
• Monitoring plan: checking in on the health of the Christian
• Ministry plan: tie in of SCAS ministry and financial plan into
SPAC's planning process
Note for both that the aim will be to have future updates focus on the five
areas of focus.
-PropCo met yesterday to discuss the proposed projects and have approved
the intention of the projects. They are waiting for more information, and
hoping to approve timelines in the November meeting and then plan to send
out communication for

Presented by Mr. Elzinga
-Exciting news that the projects are moving forward
-Need to get updated quotes and how to get these things moving
-Next society meting is on Oct 26 and the school council chairs will be
attending those meetings
Q: Do you mean all the projects were approved?
A: Not confirmed but understanding is that they are all moving forward, just
need details as to execution of them, November meeting they will have more
information. Good part is they want to move forward on them, bad part was
they can’t confirm timeline at the moment
Q: Working group from SCS produced document on society fees and then
society sent one out in June. Both documents show a surplus $900,000.
Every year there is a profit of 1 million dollars. Why aren’t we putting that
money back in to the school or lowering fees?
A: We worked with the church and did decrease the amount going into
capital projects by about $200,000 over the year instead of $600,000. There
is still a small amount going in above the mortgage amount needed.
Current Capital Projects are valued around $400,000; this will take a chunk
out of that, we have asked to put together a 5 year plan on how that money
would be used…optimistic going into the ministry plan next year: have input
from principals and school councils what are the needs of the schools that
will go into that 5 year plan?
The amount in there was cumulative for over 3-4 years to come to $900,000,
prior it was used to pay for the Link and North Gym, fees should have
decreased right away but they didn’t decrease due to confusion on how to do
that. We are taking a huge chunk out of it with the projects and hope to come
up with a plan or alternative suggestions to put on the table for them to
(From Chat)
Q: The 3 capital project proposals were: gym floor, cat 6 cabling and
learning common carpet? What’s sand?
A: Learning commons got pulled out of that proposal as it is getting
completed in November Break and being paid for out of Maintenance
reserve. Gym floor and Cat 6 Cabling are the project proposals going
Q: Is maintenance reserve school budget? Or how does it appear in the
A: Maintenance reserve is a society budget line
Krista Scott:
The working group and society’s documents disagreed on the point of the
annual surplus.
Parents have questions and now have a place to take them to.
It is the responsibility of the SCASociety to let parents know that these fees
are optional.
Now we are in a situation where we can ask questions and continue to work
Jeremy Teeuwsen:
Focus for myself is to push communication and movement on the 5 areas
that we are committed to.
Believe very strongly that I don’t like to give my time and then see nothing
move, I want to see us in a good spot.
Discrepancy between the two documents comes from different perspectives
on facility related costs.
I’m open and would be glad to sit down with anyone and go through the

New Business
COVID Communication Protocols
-Love how much info is being sent from the school
-When we get a COVID case at SCS, what is going to happen and what am I
going to hear?
-Mr. Elzinga speaks highly of our Division and the team at District office
who have done a lot of hard work to get a plan in place and be prepared
-We learn from our colleagues in the division who have had cases
-Parent phones the principal and lets them know of a positive case
*Confidentiality of the individual with the case remains in place
-Close contacts receive a letter from the school
-All school families will receive an email from EIPS
-Business as normal if you receive the latter email
-Have to go through protocols to ensure the case is a 100% confirmed
positive COVID case

Community Building during COVID
Presented by Mr. Merta
-Local projects (rake leaves for seniors, shovel driveways)
-Want to do more, what can we do for our students to give them a global
-Virtual mission trip possibility
-Shelter Canada is involved in building houses in El Salvador
-4 key components through the virtual mission trips:
1. Connect directly with families, shelter staff, community leaders, and with
2. Learn about the richness of Salvadorian culture and traditions and learn
about yourself as well
3. Empower. See families contributing to their new homes and our Shelter
staff team taking roles of leadership and direction
4. Experience the impact that God has in the lives of people in El Salvador,
as well as in your own life
-All grades involved! Gr 7-12 and make those connections
-Will give us live communication and connections before the build and then
at 2 month and 4 month interval after the build!
-Starts 6 weeks prior to construction, plan to launch Nov 16th at school
-Missions students preparing slide presentations and will talk to all classes
-Our missions classes and school will raise funds to build homes ($3800
CDN for a house)
-Who knows how many houses we can do…depends on how much money
comes in
-Hope to do a time lapse view of the construction build which will be
presented in each class
-Key ceremony: beautiful time to participate in
-Friday, December 4 as Great Day of Giving, ask students to bring a gift of
their own to bring to school and donate to this project
-Working for a website link with Shelter Canada to give to as well
Q: Will this be something that continues with this partnership where students
will be able to go there and participate in a build after COVID?
A: Don’t know where this will go…we do have some established
partnerships we want to continue with as well.
So grateful for a school community that would care for our Salvadorian
community. We have not forgotten about them during this horrible and
difficult time.
100’s of these homes have been built by ShPk people
Q: How can parents or School Council assist in this?
A: Good to due some brainstorming with that, biggest challenge: we’d love
for it to be a family thing. Challenge will be to get the communication from
what we are doing at school in to the homes of SCS families
Could SC take a role in communicating how to get involved
Possibly fundraising opportunities…

Annual Report
Presented by Krista Scott
-Handed in to EIPS
-Read report in entirety
$1939.68 left in School Council account
Signing Authority
-3 names on the account for signing that need to be replaced
-We need someone to step up as Treasurer, we need one Treasurer and 2
more people to have signing authority as well
-Table it for next meeting
Comment: Our account type requires 3 people with signing authority,
cheques require 2 signatures

COSC Representative
Devon Marshall volunteered to be COSC Representative

Mr. Elzinga closed in prayer

Meeting adjourned
Next meeting November 18

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