2019-2020 SCA Eagles Basketball Season

2020 Metro City Varsity Boys Basketball Champions! (Aaron Box Photography)

Another successful basketball season.  2 Championships, 2020 EIPS Sr. Boys Basketball Champions & 2020 Div. 2 Metro Edmonton Varsity Basketball Champions




   1. The purpose of the SCA athletic program is to bring glory to God.  Colossians 3:23 says “to do everything as unto the Lord”. Athletes are challenged to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  Athletes are challenged to be a living testimony to Christ through changed attitudes, acceptable standards of behaviour and increasing spiritual maturity.


  1. Cost per player per is $550 - $650 (Varsity), $450(JV), $200 (Senior), $180 (Junior), and $100 (Developmental) for players on the team. Provincials (varsity only) could carry an extra cost up to $500. 

The fee is payable through our online payment system at Acorn or through a cheque to SCA School Funds.


  1. Probation policies exist to encourage athletes to pay attention to their academic and/or behavioural performance as students of SCA.  In terms of priority – school (8:30-3:30 p.m.) comes before extracurricular activities. Athletes who are suspended from playing games (due to probation) will not be refunded any portion of their team fee.


  1. SCA coaches are the key to our athletic program.  Their hard work and dedication to your child is appreciated.  Be sure to let them know they are valued.


  1. Parents are responsible for transporting the players to all EIPS League Games, Playoff Games, and/or Tournaments for the duration of the season.


  1. SCA endeavours to supply your son/daughter with a quality athletic experience.  We desire that the athletic program will bring glory to God as each participant works towards Christ likeness in every area of our lives.


Jeff Hollinshead

Basketball League Schedules

The Varsity Boys compete in the Metro Edmonton Athletics Division 2 league. 

Schedule & Results can be found here.


The Varsity Girls compete in the Metro Edmonton Athletics Division 2 league.

Schedule & Results can be found here.


The Jr Varsity Boys compete in the Metro Edmonton Athletics Division 2 league. 

Schedule & Results can be found here.


The Jr Varsity Girls  compete in the Metro Edmonton Athletics Division 2 league. 

Schedule & Results can be found here.

Varsity Boys 2019 - 20

Garret Kam, Reihen Knysh, Jaxon Littlefair, Rayn Reed, Parker Shirt, Hunter Dronkelaar, Jaiveer Nagra, Everett Maddigan, Colby Swan, Justin Koop, Ethan Tchir, Nikulus Kokotilo 

Head Coach - Jon Courville


Varsity Girls 2019 - 20

Mikah Reed, Madison Bossert, Blyss Ward, Lili Verhagen, Madeline Lietz, Toluwani Adekeye, Kate Verhagen, Jordana Kephart, Morgan Myschuk, Isabelle Tchir, Kennedy Kazakawich, Ciara Bossert, Mackenzie Hollinshead 

Coach: Marcus Reed 

Junior Varsity Boys 2019 - 20

Mackenzie Peters, Brasen Fung, Jackson Hollinshead, Jaren O'Gilvie, Kofi Botchey, Dexter Miller, Caden Drebert, Ethan Korchinski, Easton Amos, Jack Quintilio, Caleb Maddigan, Ryan Allan

Coaches: Jeff Hollinshead & Chase Woodske

Junior Varsity Girls 2019 - 20

Comfort Oyewole, Faithlyn Rietveld, Grace Tabler, Jaynie Glasman, Jazmin Williams, Julia Quilley, Kylee Delveaux, Lauren Off-Fong, Malaya Thiessen, Peyton Box, Rose DeKoning, Trinity Thornhill, Vita Kucher

Coaches: Raymond Off & Carlyn Scheirer

Senior Boys 2019 - 20

Jayan Mali, Connor Dronkelaar, Sam Bowen, Micah Dawkins, Cameron Johnston, Nathaniel Maxwell, Gabriel Ostermayer, Kaden Reed, Barron Fung, Ben Boldt, Keaton Peters, Jacob Davidson

Coach: Vince Reynolds 

Assistant Coaches: Kyle Hagens, Solomon Maxwell 



Senior Girls 2019 - 20

Rachel Seguin, Ashlynn Russell, Alyvia Hornbacher, Kate Delainey, Pendo Adekeye, Avery Hughan, Devin Kauffman, Luci Marshman, Adrianna Wannechko, Haley Sebastian, Emma Roper, Elina Kucher, Lizzy Martens 

Coaches: Kayla & Dustin Glesman

Junior Boys 2019 - 20

Nathan Wenger, Carter Russell, Lyon Milne, Elijah Schellenberg, Jordan Reed, Tony Lavorato, Holden Toews, Kale Toews, Steven Bender, Dean Boldt, Nathan Froehlich, Brin Drebert

Coach: Rob Frost 

Junior Girls 2019 -20

Nolah Box, Sarah Harder, Emily Thiessen, London Marshall, Lauren Dubbledam, Kariss Wiens, Alexa Glowacki, Jocelyn Lietz, Rebecca Doherty, Sydney MacNeill, Marin Knysh, Brooke Wagner, Rachael Timmermans

Coach: Aaron Box

Assistant Coaches: Devon Marshall & Micah Reed 

Development Boys 2019 - 20

Joshua Adams, Lucas Aniston, Cian Botchey, Carter Dohms, Alicsander Galan, Elias Kalamoutsos, Nattias Lewis, Luke McBain, Hugo Schmidt, Samuel Scott, Benjamin Slobodan, Kevin Xiao 

Coach: Jason Klassen 

Development Girls 2019 - 20

Amalie Ducharme, Brielle Kauffman, Eden Milne, Elise Froehlich, Isabelle Berkenbosch, Janae Christensen, Julianna Larson, Kaitlyn Purschke, Sophie Bender, Temi Adekeye, Trinity Kent, Elena Anthony 

Coaches: Shannon & Selina Kokotilo