Families are invoiced for school fees at the beginning of every school year. Fees are due within 30 days of the invoice date, and parents/guardians will receive a notification when new fees are added on the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The simplest, and most convenient, way to review and pay school and transportation fees is by logging in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and clicking on "Student Fees." There you can view your fees and pay them online using Visa or MasterCard.

Don’t forget to also log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal regularly. Fees may be added to your child’s account throughout the year to cover the cost of various school activities such as field trips, class projects, athletic-team fees, and more.

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EIPS fees and waivers
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Student Transportation fees 

Waiver of Fees

If circumstances exist where you are unable to pay your child's fees, you can apply to have certain fees waived using the fee waiver application form.

Phone 780-417-8200 for questions relating to your application.

Allow three weeks to process your application.

The application deadline is Dec. 16, 2024. If you arrive at EIPS after the start of the school year, you have 45 days from the date of registration to apply for the waiver. No applications will be accepted after this time.

If parents/guardians are not eligible to have fees waived, payment arrangements may be made with the school’s administration and/or the Director of Student Transportation.

School Fee Refund Statement

Students who leave their school prior to the end of the school year or semester shall be refunded school fees (excluding activity or extracurricular fees) on a prorated basis as outlined in AP 505: School and Administrative Fees.

One of the following statements regarding refunds will be outlined on each activity or event when the fees are assessed:

  1. Refunds will be issued when students are unable to participate in this activity.
  2. Refunds are available for the registration portion only. The cost of busing cannot be refunded.
  3. We are unable to issue refunds for this activity due to fixed costs.

If a student is not able to participate in an activity and a refund or partial refund is available, it is the responsibility of the parent to contact the school to have the applicable portion of the fee removed from their account.

A student registered for an optional course—where a substantial amount of the course is related to activities—is not eligible to be refunded and is responsible for any related outstanding fees if the student is not able to participate or chooses not to participate in the activity.

Refund Process 
School fee refunds and credits on accounts will be applied in the following order:

  • Payment of outstanding fees
  • Left on account for future fees
  • Transferred to sibling fees, on request
  • By cheque