TAVO (Teens Against Violent Oppression)

All About TAVO

TAVO, Teens Against Violent Oppression, is a school sanctioned movement and organization that focuses on promoting the end of human trafficking and exploitation, globally. Through education and advocacy, students in this organization aim to create a better future, free from all forms of trafficking. TAVO promotes the purchase of FairTrade products, and partners with local and international organizations, such as IJM, International Justice Mission, in order to generate global change. 


The efforts of TAVO towards ensuring a more equal future for everyone has and is still promoting change. Since 2017, Strathcona Secondary School has been designated as a FairTrade school and TAVO has continued to foster important actions towards a more FairTrade future. The continued efforts of TAVO’s members has allowed for positive change and through various educational platforms, advocacy and fundraising TAVO is focused on fostering current, impactful change. 

SCA Secondary is a FairTrade School