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Post-Secondary 101


This spring Mrs. Matheson held a session for parents called 'Post-Secondary 101':

We all want our children to succeed in life at high school and beyond, but it can be overwhelming supporting our teenagers as they make decisions about post-secondary – especially when our post-secondary days have been decades behind us! Join Mrs. Matheson, our school counsellor, as she outlines ways you can help your teenager make high school plans that point them in the right direction for a fulfilling career one day. Mrs. Matheson will also provide practical information about how to get more information about post-secondary institutions, applying for post-secondary, and applying for scholarships. Most importantly, we will talk about how God has a fantastic plan for the lives of our children, and how we can help them build the self-efficacy needed to succeed. This presentation will be valuable for parents of students in grades 7-12.

Here are some important links:

Post-Secondary 101 Presentation

Important Notes from the Post-Secondary 101 Session

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Apply Alberta

Apply to one or more Alberta post-secondary institutions using ApplyAlberta.

If you are not sure when your program starts, check the specific institution website.

Apply Alberta is an online application and transcript transfer system that anyone can use to apply to undergraduate programs at one or more of Alberta's post-secondary institutions.


Apply Alberta requires you to input all of your senior high grades, including projected grades of what you are currently enrolled in or plan to take in Semester 2. If you are needing help with application, please see Mrs. Lennox



Apply Alberta





Career Decision Making

Many students are not sure what they want to do when they leave high school. Sometimes, when they take CALM and complete interest inventories, a career seems a long way off. This year, please complete and print out the results from some of the questionnaires on this link, explore the Alberta Education’s Time to Choose Your Post-Secondary Education information, and book an appointment with me by emailing This way, we will have an opportunity to discuss career plans and possible post-secondary options.