School Council is a group of SCA parents who meet monthly with our school principals and our School Trustee, working together to support and enhance student learning.

The mission of our School Council is to foster the well-being our school community, so that we have the most effective environment for learning.  We desire that every student will benefit from a challenging Christian education, that they will know Jesus Christ personally as Savior and Lord, and that their schooling will be part of an excellent foundation as they pursue a life of godly character and service to others with Christ as their focus.

Our vision is that our School Council will foster good communication within our School community, including staff, counsellors, parents, and the student body, so that we can make the most of these fantastic partnerships.  We believe that this will help to create an effective learning environment, bringing out the best in our students’ potential.

Our main functions are to:

A – Advise our school administrators on current school functions and future initiatives with opinions that reflect the student and parent community.

B – Bolster our school’s Christ-centered focus.  We desire to champion the Christian component of SCA by looking for opportunities to support and enhance spiritual development.

C – Communicate with our school parents to bring forward ideas and concerns to Council.  Support parents with seminars and resources to address areas of need and interest with respect to enhancing their children’s educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Members of School Council: 2018-2019



Aaron Box




Marci Mast


Cori Klaus


Alissa Ottahal & 

Karla Alton


Symonds Botchey

Teacher Rep



Stephanie Antoniuk

Tracey Komant

Ange Huth

Michelle Wylie

For any questions or concerns please contact a Parent council member by sending an email to SCSschoolcouncil@gmail.com.  Provide your full name and indicate position or grade you are addressing in the email subject.

SCA Secondary School Council Minutes November 27, 2018

SCA Secondary School Council Minutes November 27, 2018


Present: Aaron Box, Tracey Komant, Karla Alton, Ange Huth, Michelle Wylie, Alissa Ottahal, Wes Merta, Don Irwin plus 6 parents.

Absent: Cori Klaus, Marci Mast, Stephanie Antoniuk, Symonds Botchey, Jordie Maxwell

  1. Meeting called to Order @ 7:06 by Tracey Komant
  2. Devotion and Opening Prayer: Lynn Poole (parent) shared 4: 8-11
  3. Additions to Agenda: no additions
  4. Review of October 30, 2018 Minutes:

Motion to accept by Karla Alton. Seconded by Tracey Komant.

  1. New Business: Aaron Box
  • Draft of Operating Procedures. Roles and duties, roles of parents versus members etc. Should a member of the Student Council have a role? Ange Huth to contact Jordie Maxwell for name of student etc. 8 pages to be reviewed and accepted/ amended by council members during January
  • Parent-Teacher Night re-cap. Parents seemed receptive. Possibly set up a “fancy” coffee station and an area for kids during Spring interviews. More signage as Sell pizza coupons once again?
  • School Website- should “School Council “ tab feature hi-lights along with monthly minutes? Each month have a topic or question to be discussed to encourage more parents to attend meetings? Signage possibly inside and outside the school building. Ange Huth to connect with Jordie Maxwell re. communication
  • Annual Education Results Report: Aaron to attend review/ discussion of results with Jon, Wes and Matt November 28. Summary for Council in
  • Fundraising Society/ Association: Look into the additional insurance EIPS offers or consider purchasing separate insurance. Waiting for more information from Lynn Brims- financial services at EIPS.


  • Whiteboard discussion- review SCS School Council’s vision for the year How can we inspire change? Find some guiding Scripture, pray, take the high road, choose to forget about issues that caused a sense of dis-unity, or address certain issues? Review these questions prayerfully and ask for humility and healing. Can we personally connect with someone from the Pastoral team, the SCA Society, an Elder board member? SCS’s campus pastors?
  1. Calendar and Admin Report: Wes Merta Calendar:
  • “First” gathering Monday , December 3rd 8:45 am in the Link
  • Missions Gala Monday , December 3rd 7pm
  • Band concert Tuesday , December 4th 6:30pm
  • Eagles Invitational December 6-8
  • Encounter December 11th
  • Last day of classes for 2018 December 21st
  • January exam schedule being finalized and will on website

Admin. Report:

  • Diploma and PAT test results overview November 28 (Aaron attending)
  • “Show Love” initiative possibly expanding to include more outreach. Considering working with “Classrooms for Africa” purchasing
  1. Trustee Report : Don Irwin
  • Don invites all parents to contact him using irwin@eips.ca
  • Board Highlights include a Presentation to the Board re. a possible name change for two different schools
  • Enrolment for 2018/19 up 23 students
  • School Capital Projects mentions two school openings
  • The Annual Education Results Report. SCS scored well once again.
  • Highlights from November 22 meeting will be posted on the EIPS website
  1. Society Board Report: Wes Merta


  • MOU is to be complete by December 31st. Waiting on two unresolved issues (EIPS).

Inviting a Society member to Council meeting in February to present MOU.

  1. Fundraising Report: Alissa Ottahal
  • $332 raised from sale of Nitza’s pizza coupons
  • Hot Lunch is expecting $149.25 this Thursday bringing YTD total to $715.86
  • Ideas on using the money raised this year? Coffee station for Spring interviews, teachers appreciation meal, Arts Gala?
  1. COSC Report : Aaron Box
  • Aaron attended November 7th meeting where the Annual Results Review was discussed .
  • Next COSC meeting January 9, 2019
  1. Closing Prayer: Jeremy Peters (parent) Meeting adjourned by Aaron Box at 9:02 pm

**Next meeting January 29, 2019

Parent Council Commitment Form

To download a copy of the Parent Council Application form please click here.

SCA Secondary School Council Minutes: September 24, 2018

SCA Secondary School Council Minutes:

September 24, 2018

Present: Tracey Komant, Aaron Box, Matt Spronk, Alissa Ottahal,

Marci Mast, Ange Huth, Michelle Wylie, Cori Klaus, Karla Alton,

Symonds Botchey

Absent: Stephanie Antoniuk, Don Irwin, Jordie Maxwell

1. Call Meeting to Order @ 7:05pm: Tracey Komant

2. Devotions & Opening Prayer: Aaron Box

3. Additions To Agenda:

- Discussion of recent NDP actions.

4. Review of September 20, 2018 Minutes:

- Two items to follow up on:

-Fundraising Ideas, Tracey was unable to contact Papa Johns

Manager for Pizza Coupons.

- Directory Suggestion

5. Admin Report/SCA Calendar: Matt Spronk


Nov.6 & 8: Parent Teacher Interviews

Nov. 7: Early Dismissal

Nov. 9: Remembrance day Chapel

Nov. 22: Career fair

Dec. 3: Missions Gala

Dec. 4: Band Concert

Admin Report:

- Show Love was reviewed at ACSI and Jr High Students are very

responsive but adjustments will be made to hand out cards in the

classrooms to try to incorporate the Highschool Students more. The

focus will be more upon Missional Living and Outreach in our


6. SCS Society Report:

- Society Board is meeting now, Oct. 30, 2018.

- MOU is close to being finalized and our School Council plans to

invite a member of the Board to come once it is completed and

discuss it.

7. School Trustee Board Report: Don Irwin Absent

- Board Highlight is on EIPS website

8. Fundraising: Alissa Ottahal/Cori Klaus

- Junior High Hot Lunch has had 2 Lunches with a revenue of $369

- Grocery Card Fundraiser raised $2403.

- Total of just under $3500 in the account.


- Do we need Insurance for our Fundraising Society?

- Is there By-laws for the Fundraising Society?

9. COSC Report: Aaron Box

-Meeting was held Oct. 16, 2018. Treaty 6 Recognition Statement is

to be said at the start of every meeting.

- Organizational Structure and a new Executive was elected.

- COSC Sharing exercise on “How does your Council celebrate the


- Board Report given by Trina Boymook

- Spoke about the Board Retreat and their priorities

- Future Cell phone usage in schools policy change

- 32 new Teachers were brought on this year

- ASCA(Alberta School Council Association) Presentation:

- It is 1 of 5 Reporting Bodies that the Minister follows.

- It takes as little as 6 Letters for an issue or concern to be


- Next COSC Meeting: Nov. 7, 2018

10. New Business: Aaron Box

- PAT Results have invited Council members to attend an event,

Nov. 28 from 9-3:30 at Central Office.

- Goals of SCS School Council:

- To be More Influential and Advocates for Change

- Recognized as a support system to Students and Staff

- Bring 2 Parents each to our next meeting and ideas on how to

create Unity between our School, SPAC, Parents, and the Society

- Communication Ideas:

-Facebook: Have an account under SCAS School Council

- Instagram: Have an account under scasecondary

- Email: Account is on Website

- Twitter: Hard to Monitor

- Remind: Account in the process of being started

- Future Meeting Dates: March had an original date of Mar. 26, 2019.

That is Spring Break so it has been changed to Mar. 19, 2019.

- Operating Procedures: Amendments and Typographical errors to

go over.

- Motion to Amend: Aaron Box, Second: Cori Klaus

All in Favor

- Bill 24: Gay/Straight Alliance.

- Recent actions have been taken by our Government which

makes it more difficult for us to stand behind our Christian beliefs and

Values. More to be discussed in future meetings.

11. Closing Prayer: Symonds Botchey

Future Meeting Dates:

Jan.29, 2019

Feb.26, 2019

Mar.19, 2019

Apr.30, 2019

May 28, 2019

School Council, October 2, 2017, Minutes

                     Minutes SCA Secondary Student Council Meeting 

                                     Monday, Oct. 2/17


Present: Tracey Komant, Cori Klaus, Alissa Ottehall, Kelli Littlefair, Wes Merta, Denise Marshman, Karla Alton, Marcy Mast, Jordie Maxwell


Absent: Kevin Benterud, Lynn Patterson, Matt Spronk



  1. Call to Order: Kelli Littlefair@ 7:03pm


  1. Prayer and Devotion: Kelli Littlefair


  1. Additions to Agenda: Identify Student Council members positions


  1. Review of Minutes from May and Sept. 2017 meetings:

May minutes motion to accept: Tracey Komant, 2nd: Marcy Mast

Sept. minutes motion to accept: Denise Marshman, 2nd: Karla Alton

All in Favor of both Months


  1. Review of SCA Calendar/Admin Report/SCA Society Board: Wes Merta

-Friday Oct. 6- No school/PD Day

-Parent Connect Thursday Oct. 12 @9am in the commons(library)

-ACSI Teacher Convention Oct. 19/20

-Hot Lunch Oct. 26

              Admin Report:

              - Enrollment down 20 students from last year

             -  New student program: hosts, pizza lunch, phone calls, prayer cards and

                T-shirts were given to the new students

  • Budget: balanced due to High School Redesign Funding
  • Staffing: 1 New Assistant Principal, 3 new teachers and 1 librarian
  • GSA- no request so far
  • Trustee Elections: 20 year memorandum with EIPS due this year


  1. SCA Society Board Report: Wes Merta
  • New Chair: Mark Johnson
  • School Fees: Resource Learning Fee was removed and Transportation Fees for noon hour Kindergarten busing have been removed aswell.
  • Refund Policy: Field Trips that students can not attend may be eligible for a partial refund of fees
  • Fee Breakdowns for options


  1. Communication: Kelli Littlefair
  • sign student council agreements at next meeting
  • COSC meeting- Weds. Oct. 4, Kelli Littlefair and Jon Elzinga will be attending. Marcy Mast will attend Novembers COSC meeting.
  • Student Council positions:

Chair: Kelli Littlefair(voted at May,2017 meeting)

Vice Chair: Denise Marshman, Alissa Motioned,2nd Tracey, All in Favor

Secretary: Cori Klaus, Denise Motioned, 2nd Karla, All in Favor

Treasurer: Alissa Ottehall, Marcy motioned, 2nd Cori, All in Favor



  1. Campus Pastor/Student Council: Jordie Maxwell
  • Jordie proposed some great ideas about goals for the bible program. It was thought that with all of the multiple people who speak into the program that there were some conflicting ideas. Jordie felt the program could be so much more amazing if the multiple groups of people worked together.
  • Jordie would like to work on what the students will be when they are adults and the first thing they are proposing is the DDS: description of a disciple student. He calls it the ABC’s.

Affective: do they feel like a Christian

Behaviourial: do they act like a Christian

Cognition: do they think like a Christian

  • Structure for programming:

Daily: Devotions done every day

Weekly: FIRST- first school day of  the week

Monthly: Encounter

Yearly: Annual Retreats

  • Student Council has 4 different divisions:




Global engagement

             -     Jordie would like parents to pray for each student in the school


  1. Fundraising Society Report: Alissa Ottehall and Tracey Komant
  • At the end of August there was just under $1500.
  • Hot Lunch: First one last week, A great start to the year. $130 profit
  • Council gave money to the Arts Gala which took place in June 2017.
  • Gift for Steve Schaar: $100 Keg Gift card. Motion: Kelli, 2nd: Marcy
  • Gift for Lynn Patterson: $50 Keg Gift card. Motion: Kelli, 2nd: Cori

All in Favor


  1. Trustee Report: Lynn Patterson- Absent


  1. Closing Prayer: Wes Merta


Next Meetings: Oct.30, Nov.27, Jan.29, Feb.26, Mar.19, Apr.30, May28.

School Council, September 11, 2017, Minutes

Minutes SCA Secondary Parent Council Meeting
Monday, September 11, 2017
Present: Karla Alton, Denise Marshman, Tracy Komant, Kelli Littlefair, Marci Mast, Jon Elzinga, Matt
Absent: Alyssa Ottahal , Kevin Benterude, Cori Klaus
8:30pm Kelli called the meeting to order.
1. Jon opened in prayer
2. Council introduced themselves to the parents that were present.
3. Kelli announced that there was a positon open on the parent council since Sundie had to step down.
4. Kelli explained how school council is run and the purpose of the council and how we also, have to
follow the guidelines set down by the society.
5. Tracy talked about about the Junior High hot lunch program and how it is a fundraiser that gives
back to the students. For example: the money raised will pay for the ‘new student pizza lunch’. The
first hot lunch is on September 28, it is from Booster Juice and we are in need of volunteers.
6. Tracy also talked about the grocery gift card program for the band students. This year that program
will be run by one parent from the school council and one parent from the band program.
7. Kelli informed the parents that this past year the school council organized an evening called
‘Celebration of the Arts’ for students to submit artwork that would be put on display. She also put
out a plea for parents to help us organize that evening.
8. We also told the parents present about how once a year the school council puts on a teacher
appreciation lunch.
9. This year we are also going to try change the by-laws so it consistently says ‘school council’
10.Kelli also told the parents how we would like to compile a list of parents who are willing to
volunteer, that we can contact when needed.
Questions from the parents present:
Why are the meetings closed?
How do we talk about curriculum questions that come up at COSC? We informed the parents that there
is always a member from the council that attends the COSC meetings.

Minutes SCA Secondary Parent Council Meeting

Monday, March 20, 2017


Present:  Sally Navis, Judy Jacobson, Jon Elzinga, Lynn Patterson, Alissa Ottahal,  Jayden Russell, Marci Mast, Kevin Benterud, Tracey Komant


Absent:  Cori Klaus, Kelli Littlefair, Sundie Mwenesongole


  1. Call to Order: Sally @7:02 pm
  2. Prayer and Devotions: Marci Mast


  1. Additions to Agenda
  • Marci motioned to accept agenda; Tracey seconded; approved


  1. Review of February 2017 minutes

            - corrections made

            - Alissa motioned to approve the minutes as amended; Marci seconded; approved


  1. Report from Student Council CEO – Jayden Russell

            St. Patrick’s Day – students paid money to throw pies at Mr. Maxwell

Legacy Project – possibly buy new tables/chairs for outside the library to eat lunch or purchase promotional products for 2017 grads


  1. Review of SCA calendar – Jon Elzinga

            March 23 – Missions 10/30 to Belize

            March 24 – Missions 20 to Jamaica

            April 10 – Missions After Effects

            April 11/13 – Parent Teacher Interviews

            April 18-21 – Encounter

            April 28 – PD Day (blanket exercise)

Basketball season ending – Varsity Girls finished 9th at Provincials, Jr. Boys won Gold, Jr. Girls won Silver, Sr. Girls won Bronze


    Admin Report – Jon Elzinga

            - new family tours are underway – lower enrollment expected for 2017/18 school year

            - James Knight was hired to take over from Jeremy Cooper

Question:  What happened to video announcements? 

Answer:  Staff member could no longer do it suddenly so for next year it should be up and running again.


Budget – waiting to see what provincial budget looks like

Bill on reducing school fees – uncertain how this will affect us

  1. Communication – Sally Navis

- email contact is available on SCA website under the parent council link

- Sally will update Parent Council Commitment Form

- bylaws need to be updated to reflect what to do if no new members have come forward in time for the AGM

- Sally to put together a syner-voice message to let all school parents know of parent council opportunities (hopefully have all interviews done by May meeting)


  1. SCA Society Board Report – Jon Elzinga

            - sending 6 teachers to Los Angeles to the Catalyst Conference March 30/31

            - Andy Stanley keynote speaker

            - new custodians working out well

            April 7/8 – Principal/Asst. Principal/Society Board meeting with Henry Contant


  1. Fundraising Society Report/Hot Lunch/Grocery Cards – Alissa Ottehall

            - $18,000 in account

            - no reimbursements made yet for the band trip students

            Question:  What’s happening with the Jr. High hot lunch money?

Answer:  It was decided at an earlier meeting that the money would go towards the New Student Orientation in the Fall 2017.


  1. COSC – Sally Navis (Sundie absent)

- Apr 28-30 – Edmonton ASCA Conference – one member of SCA Parent Council can go all expenses paid

- Tracey will attend the April COSC meeting


  1. “Celebration of Arts” – Marci Mast

            June 5, 2017 – still looking for volunteers


  1. Elk Island Public School Update - Lynn Patterson

            - Ministik School closure process – majority voted to close the school

            - new Elementary School in Heritage Hills area


  1. Questions for Lynn Patterson
  1. Closing Prayer – Jon Elzinga

Next Meeting Dates:  April 24 (Legato), May 29


School Council Meeting February's Minutes

                     Minutes SCA Secondary Parent Council Meeting 

                                     Monday, February 27, 2017


Present: Marci Mast, Tracey Komant, Cori Klaus, Alissa Ottehall, Lynn Patterson, Sundie Mwenesongole, Kelli Littlefair, Jon Elzinga & Sally Navis

Absent: Judy Jacobson, Kevin Benterud

  1. Call to Order: Sally Navis@ 7:00pm


  1. Prayer and Devotion: Sally Navis


  1. Additions to Agenda: no additions

Motion to accept: Tracey Komant, Second: Alissa Ottehall, All in Favor


  1. Review of Minutes from January 2017meeting:

Motion to accept: Marci Mast, Second: Kelli Littlefair, All in Favor


  1. Report from Student Council CEO: not present


  1. Review of SCA Calendar/Admin Report: Jon Elzinga

        -March 3- P/D Day: Anxiety session, Spiritual Track & Discussion, “Who     

          needs God?”

  • March 9-12- Kananaskis Gener8 Science Conference- Mr. Cheung
  • March 14-15- Wait Program by Pregnancy Care Centre
  • March 17- Job Shadowing Experience for CALM students
  • EIPS Literacy & Numeracy going well
  • Group discussion on Anxiety during Group work for Students


  1. Communication: Sundie Mwenesongole/Sally Navis


-Received a letter from Ministik School Council asking for help on writing letters to the board to convince them not to close the school.

- Meeting with Henry Contant to see how the school can improve(What each group should be responsible for).


  • Web Contact Page- 3 options to choose from. Group discussion on the options and how it is best to administrate the page.
  • Voted for Option 1: no personal emails for the council members


  1. SCA Society Board Report: Jon Elzinga
  • Society Board and Elder meeting was held after presentation by Henry Contant “What can we do to make our school more Christian in 5 years?”.
  • Continuing to work with the board and Elders on Missions Trips. Hoping to still continue those trips by working with Alliance based ministries.
  • Facilities: SPAC Renew Campaign is going ahead. Plan to renovate office has changed and to start beginning of July.
  • SPAC Custodial Staffs last Day is Feb. 28/2017 and staff will now be Contracted Custodians.


  1. Fundraising Society Report: Alissa Ottehall & Tracey Komant
  • Hot Lunch is continuing to do well
  • Jordie Maxwell asked that we discuss using the school store for Hot Lunch in order to contain the fundraising within the school as opposed to funding Local businesses. Group Discussion found that since Hot Lunch orders are still high we would reevaluate a change if numbers drop.
  • Grocery Cards: profit of around $6000.


  1. COSC Report: Alissa Ottehall
  • Boundaries Exemption is from Feb. 1-April 7/2017.
  • Alberta School Council Association Conference is April 28-30/2017.
  • PAT dates will be changed for 2018.
  • Cyberbullying: A speaker gave out websites to help with adolescents that have an addiction to their phones and the internet.
  • Snapchat has been blocked after a district decision.


  1. Arts Celebration: Marci Mast & Kelli Littlefair

-Celebration of the Arts will be held June 5/2017 in the Link for students to showcase their talents.


  1. Elk Island Public School Update: Lynn Patterson
  • Future discussions about Capital Planning.
  • Spoke highly of Ministik and would like to see the school continue to stay open.


  1. Questions for Lynn Patterson


  1. Closing Prayer- Jon Elzinga


Next Meetings: March 20, April 24 & May 29

Minutes SCA Secondary Parent Council Meeting January 30, 2017

Minutes SCA Secondary Parent Council Meeting

Monday, Jan 30, 2017

Present:  Sally Navis, Judy Jacobson, Kelly Littlefair, Jon Elzinga, Lynn Patterson, Alissa Ottahal, Sundie Mwenesongole, Jayden Russell, Marci Mast, Kevin Benterud

Absent:  Cori Klaus, Tracey Komant

  1. Call to Order: Sally @7:04 pm
  2. Prayer and Devotions: Sally Navis
  1. Additions to Agenda

            “Celebration of Arts” proposal

  • Marci motioned to accept agenda as amended; Kelly seconded; approved
  1. Review of November 2016 minutes

            - Alissa motioned to approve the minutes; Kelly seconded; approved

  1. Report from Student Council CEO – Jayden Russell

            - “Refresh” year

            Store – meal vouchers for students in need; people can donate to this fund

  • New creation of healthy meals for students
  • Proceed went towards buying 2 new fridges
  • Using compostable plates and cutlery

Internal Events – ugly Christmas sweater day (had a huge rate of participation in relation to other years)

  • Pink Shirt Day will be Feb 22 in support of Bully Awareness

External Events (Madison Godfrey) – mustard seed, PAC centre

  • IDEAS – kids don’t have to be involved in the leadership or missions classes to serve

Spirituality (Josh) – Thursday at lunch there is a room set aside for fasting, bible reading, and prayer

  • White board in the entrance area with bible verses or inspirational words to encourage students as they arrive to school.
  1. COSC – Kelly Littlefair

            - parent engagement review; EIPS typically has high parent involvement compared to                   other districts

            - boundary review begins Feb 1

            - Cybersecurity seminar – Feb 9 at 7:00 pm at Festival Place

            - STAR exams given to students in September (first year) and the results give very                                    valuable information.  The exams will be given again in May.

            - healthy schools policy discussed

            **Alissa to attend the next meeting**

  1. Review of SCA calendar – Jon Elzinga

            Feb 3 9:00 am – Parent Connect

            Feb 6 – Grade 7 orientation; 7:00 pm parents orientation

            Feb 7 – Grade 10 orientation

            Feb 9-10 – Teachers Convention

            Feb 17 – PD Day

            Feb 21-24 – Encounter Week

    Admin Report – Jon Elzinga

            - discussion on media coverage re: SAGA

            - one on one with staff members; intentions for next year

            - Josh G. – nutrition committee with EIPS\

            - curriculum updates – NDP seems to be quite quiet about it.  Keeping an eye on it!

            - Assessment policy – consistency between classes and teachers      

  1. Communication – Sally, Sundie

- in the process of setting up having grade specific representatives listed on the website with email access

- Councillor from Fort Sask. (also a parent) contacted Sally with concerns about how we run our council.  Sally to review the Parent Council Application to possibly rename it.

- discussed having a Parent Council member talk at the Grade 7 orientation evening to let parents know of openings on the committee for next year

  1. SCA Society Board Report – Jon Elzinga

            - discussed visioning and board governance; role of the society

            - Henry Contant called in to speak – consultant

            - discussed the spirituality of the school and how this is being accomplished/maintained

  1. Fundraising Society Report/Hot Lunch/Grocery Cards – Alissa Ottahal

            - $5200 from hot lunch and grocery card proceeds

  1. “Celebration of Arts” – Marci Mast

            - waiting on possible dates

            - Marci to contact Jordie to work with student council on this project

  1. Elk Island Public School Update - Lynn Patterson

            - 2018 Grade 9 PAT’s will have a “no calculator” component

  1. Questions for Lynn Patterson
  1. Closing Prayer - Sally Navis

Next Meeting Dates:  March 20, April 24 (Legato), May 29

School Council Updates